October 26, 2015

AFL to display All Time High / Low for stocks (Amibroker only)

This AFL displays list of stocks along with their All Time High and Low values.

The last 2 columns show much a stock has to gain to reach the All Time High and how much a stock has to lose to reach All Time Low value.

You can then sort last 2 columns to find out which stocks are nearing their All Time High / Low levels.

Any question is left as self study for the end user.

>>> AFL starts
//copyright kpl@vfmdirect.com
//This AFL displays all time high and low for stocks
//AFL also displays percentage difference to All Time High / Low
//You can sort last 2 columns and identify stocks closes to their All Time High/ Lows.
AddColumn(Highest(H),"AT Hi",1.2); 
AddColumn(Lowest(L),"AT Lo",1.2);
AddColumn(ATH_D,"ATH_D %",1.2); 
AddColumn(ATL_D,"ATL_D %",1.2);

<<< AFL ends 

Results for 30 stocks

Stocks near their All Time Highs

Stocks near their All Time Lows

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