October 25, 2015

AFL to identify top gainers and losers

This AFL will show stocks gaining or losing more than 5% on daily charts.

Volume filter is predefined at 5 crores  (50 day average) - you can change this via the parameters dialog box.

This is the AFL

no=Param("Vol in crores",5,0,500,5); Filter=MA(C,50)*MA(V,50)>10000000*no  AND abs(ROC(C,1))>5;
AddColumn(C,"Close",1.2); AddColumn(ROC(C,1),"ROC_1D %",1.2); AddColumn(MA(C,50)*MA(V,50)/10000000,"Vol Cr",1.0);

You can add additional filters like C>100 and C<500 amibroker="" documentation="" etc.="" for="" help.="" more="" p="" refer="">
This is the output:

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