Delivery calls newsletter:

This is what you can expect:
- breakout calls on NIFTY 100
- all positions held with a trailing stoploss
- investment per stock upto 4% of capital
- risk per trade < 1% of your capital
- all calls by email after market hours

Subscription charges: Rs.5,000/- for 12 months. 

Kamalesh P Langote,Mira Road (E), Thane 401107. INDIA
Phone: +91-9820200706  Email:

Sample report

StockClose% ChangeBought atBuy DateRemarksTrailing StoplossReturns %
ABB1384.95-0.56135724/10/2017Hold Long Positions13202
ADANIPORTS437.250.9643227/10/2017Hold Long Positions4101
ASHOKLEY124.60-1.4610003/07/2017Hold Long Positions12224
BHARTIARTL543.200.7650224/10/2017Hold Long Positions4808
BPCL542.850.5753626/10/2017Hold Long Positions5001
BRITANNIA4658.65-0.82385125/07/2017Hold Long Positions450021
CENTURYTEX1367.000.32136625/10/2017Hold Long Positions13000
CIPLA636.001.4857526/07/2017Hold Long Positions58011
COALINDIA291.201.6228713/10/2017Hold Long Positions2801
COLPAL1039.55-0.08105724/10/2017Hold Long Positions1020-2
CONCOR1379.45-0.77135612/10/2017Hold Long Positions12802
DABUR342.65-1.9731128/07/2017Hold Long Positions32010
GAIL470.950.6244424/10/2017Hold Long Positions4306
HAVELLS496.200.9053310/10/2017Hold Long Positions470-7