Delivery calls newsletter:

This is what you can expect:
- breakout calls on NIFTY 100 stocks (monthly crossover)
- all positions held with a trailing stoploss
- investment per stock 4 - 5% of capital
- all calls by email after market hours

Subscription charges are Rs.5,000/- per annum. 

Kamalesh P Langote,Mira Road (E), Thane 401107. INDIA
Phone: +91-9820200706  Email:

Sample report

StockClose% ChangeBought atDateRemarksTrailing StoplossReturns %Capital Allocation %
ABB1426.201.16Hold long positions13804
ACC1813.350.15139925-01-2017Hold long positions155029.582
ADANIPORTS406.65-0.1738824-07-2017Hold long positions3604.692
AMBUJACEM277.451.97Hold long positions2402
ASHOKLEY109.200.2810003-07-2017Hold long positions908.872
ASIANPAINT1157.300.98Hold long positions10754
AUROPHARMA725.30-2.16Hold long positions6604
AXISBANK508.100.4254525-07-2017Hold long positions500-6.764
BAJAJFINSV5308.153.78495925-07-2017Hold long positions40007.052
BAJFINANCE1723.451.28162825-07-2017Hold long positions13505.902