NIFTY (covered) options trading service

How this works:
  • we take positional trades in nifty PE or CE (long and short)
  • the plan is to hold positions till expiry unless the trend changes
  • no fear of overnight events as all positions are always hedged
  • max loss and max profit defined at time of taking the trade... no worries
  • losses will happen in rangebound markets 
  • expect half the trades to fail
  • there will be min 1 trade max 4 trades in any month

Subscription info:
  • subscription fees Rs.4,500/- per month
  • if you do not recover fees this month, next month is free
  • min capital required Rs.300,000/- (enough for 4 lots)

Sample trade:
  • buy NIFTY 11000 CE @ 60 and sell 11100 CE @40
  • here max loss is Rs.1500/- per lot and max profit is Rs.6000/- per lot.

What is the catch?
  • check with your broker if they allow option writing
  • you will lose money in rangebound markets
  • profits are capped in trending markets

What about free trial?
  • if you think you need a free trial, it means you have no idea about option writing
  • do not subscribe to this service


  1. can you enlighten me as to money required for buying and writing...I have been all the while buying only...thanks..

    1. For writing, you will need futures margin less premium collected.

      For buying, you need to pay the full premium.

      Normally, about 60K is enough for buying a call and writing a call.

      Suggested capital required is 300,000/-... here you can trade with 4 positions.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Fees seems on higher side. Starting fees should be lower.

    1. This is for option writers... min capital required is Rs.300,000/-

    2. how do you feel fees are higher? if you ask for max profit and loss data you will may feel its on lower side

  3. what is the assured return one can expect after paying a fee of 4500 and deploying capital of 3 lakhs ?

    1. No assured return...

      On a different note, I am closing this service and replacing it with a simple options service. Reason is some people are messing up the trades.

  4. Plz arrange Online trading session with fee.It is my suggestions to you