NIFTY options service

How this works:
  • mix of intraday and positional trades
  • we buy out of money nifty calls or puts depending on trend
  • your maximum loss is limited to the premium paid for the option
  • profit is whatever the market gives and is not limited
  • losses will happen in rangebound markets
  • over a large number of trades, half the trades will fail
Risk factors:

  • losses can happen in rangebound markets
  • risk  of overnight gap up or gap down events
  • time decay will always reduce profits everyday
Subscription info:
  • subscription fees Rs.3,000/- per month
  • minimum capital required Rs.100,000/- for 1-2 lots
  • all calls will be sent by email only


  1. Replies
    1. Sir how the out of money call or put of 1-2 lot require a capital of Rs 100000?

    2. Risk management.

      If one lot of call or put is costing Rs.10,000/-, it means you can buy 10 lots with a capital of 1L.

      But I don't want people to do this as they will blow themselves up in 2-3 trades. Hence the condition that people should buy only 1-2 lots.

      By same logic, I don't want people with a capital of 20-30K to sign up for my services... they are already stressed out.

  2. Is pair trade available to those who want it

  3. No... but there is a workaround. If I am bullish (positionally), then buy a OTM call at "x" and sell the next higher call (multiple of 100) at "y".

    The difference between the premiums x-Y is the maximum loss and maximum profit is 100-max loss.

    You should ideally strive for risk reward ratio of atleast 1:3

    Hope tihs helps.

  4. i have been reading your blog for long time, i like to subscribe for this options service.

    could you shre your P&L from last 3 months? because i am afraid it might be some random play otherwise?
    Also do you have SL in order to protect capital?it does not make sense to hold when market going aginst the stragety says right?

    1. I started this service only 3 days ago... but you can read about my intraday trade comments for last 2-3 years in the blog.

      I use kplswing indicator with N=20 for entry and N= 5 or 10 for exit. If you do not have Amibroker, you can visit and use the Supertrend indicator and see signals. Not much difference.

      Surprised you are asking about random play. The outcome of any trade is ALWAYS random... so this means there is no intelligence required. You can use any indicator or system and provided you are consistent and follow money management rules, you will money.

      It is because of above that past performance may not repeat in future.

      Reg SL... I prefer an SL of 20 points but now markets have volatile this month so I no longer mention the entry SL. I do track the position and then ask people to increase the SL if required.

  5. Another question why don't you send out messages in whatsapp instead gmail? it will be live and fast?

  6. Both take few seconds to get delivered.

    I stopped using whatsapp few years ago as it was affecting my time (time wasted in replying to useless queries). I may consider whatsapp in the near future though.

  7. Hi Kamalesh,

    Are you providing Bank Nifty & Nifty Options calls as deily basis? And how much the Charges for that?

    1. Only Nifty... no point in trading multiple instruments or indices.

  8. Replies
    1. Depends on how much the market moves. In rangebound markets, you will get losses and in trending markets, the the nearest option usually moves 50% in points compared to futures movement.

  9. If I subscribe now will I be registered from 15 th to 15th of next Montreal or it is for calendar mo th?

    1. If you subscribe today (15 NOV), the expiry date will be 20th of next month.

  10. Sir,
    How many trades per month you are expecting ?

    1. Depends on market... my idea is to have atleast one intraday trade. But if markets are rangebound (like this month),then even positional trades will not be possible.

      You can see the latest trades done everyday in the market outlook post.

    2. No Sir,
      You have mentioned that it is to be held till expiry if trend doesn't change. This means you are going to add the positions if trend sustains.

    3. It all depends on the trend... I need a trend for a positional trade and this month (first ) was not good.

      I will need to modify the service description to reflect this as it is sending out the wrong information.