August 21, 2014

MTNL suggestions

Refer MTNL chart... I have posted levels and drawn the trendlines.

Comments invited for best possible trade.

Disclaimer: I already have a position of 1000 shares in this stock even though the stock does not meet my investment criteria. I just bought some stock to test a strategy.

BANK NIFTy closes at lifetime high

BNF closes at lifetime high... close above 15700 or more precisely 15800 will be strongly bullish.

Reversal level will be 14700.

Open positions

These are our current open positions

Best trades

Worst trades

Market outlook

Trend is up and will reverse on close below 7540 spot. Advance decline was marginally positive.

Immediate support is expected near 7750-7800... my feeling is this level will not break this series. Let's see.

Option writing points to support at 7800 and resistance at 8000.

BALAJI TELE monthly charts

Stock is on the verge of 5 year breakout... I bought some shares today and intend holding this for several weeks/ months at least. If this breakout is a good one, stock should give some fantastic gains over next few months/ years.

Note that this stock is not my normal stock but I decided to test some strategy and the best way to do it is put your own money.

Don't ask silly questions like what is the target. My SL is 20%.

Breakout on monthly charts ICICI BANK

ICICI has given a breakout on monthly charts...

Holding 1250-1300 will be strongly bullish... this is the 2010 and 2013 high levels which provided strong resistance.

August 20, 2014


Stock is on the verge of a possible breakout... buy with SL 3170 and do not risk more than 1% of your trading capital on one trade.

For more calls, subscribe to delivery calls - only at Rs.5000/- pa. See current open positions here.


Stock has given another breakout today... buy with SL 1100

BTW stock is at 52 week high, lifetime high and has more than doubled in this year. So what? Trend is up and a breakout is still a buy.

Open positions

These are our current open positions

Best trades:

Worst trades:

Market outlook

Broader trend is up and will reverse on close below 7540.