September 20, 2017

Market outlook

Daily charts
- trend is up ... from 8200 levels... no sell signal so far
- today, NF closed flat... AD too was flat
- swing low support 9700
- higher support at 9900
- 10000 important support for option writers

Economic slowdown likely to worsen: Ambit

The government’s inability to train and educate its people, automation-led job losses, and demonetisation-induced closure of informal sector firms could seriously hurt India’s economic prospects, according to Ambit Research.

The slowdown is resulting in job losses, especially in the blue- collar segment, and a broad-based deterioration in the land and real estate markets. “Investors who ignore these effects and continue to pile into expensive Indian stocks are treading on water,” it said.


September 19, 2017

Stock watch: POWERGRID

- trend is up
- support 210
- stock is near all time highs

Stock watch: PNB

- trend is up
- support 130
- resistance  170

Stock watch: PIDILITIND

- trend is up
- support 810
- stock is trading near all time highs

Market outlook

Daily charts
- trend is up on daily  charts
- today, NF closed flat at 10147
- AD was flat
- swing low support 9700

Today's swing trading signals

LAST updated: 19-SEP-2017 


Sell signals: INDIGO - SBIN -

NOTE: All signals based on kplswing indicator. Click on stock name for trading possibilities.


September 18, 2017

How to fool millions of citizens

Rough translation: the guy who said he will bring 4L crores of black money from abroad is now taking a loan of 1L crore from Japan.

What I felt ironic and funny was I actually fell for the first one and genuinely believed he will bring the black money. Taking a loan now is the other extreme.

Stock watch: PGHH

- trend is up
- SL 7900
- stock is trading near all time highs
- 10 year CAGR is approx 27% pa

Stock watch: PFC

- trend is down
- stock has given up all gains made this year
- this year's low is 112