October 23, 2018

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October 22, 2018

NIFTY 200 stocks signals

Stock nameCloseChange20 Day Swing IndicatorLast Month's52 week
TrendDateFixed SLTrailing SLHighLowHighLow
||||| ABCAPITAL100.05-2.50%SELL29/08/18112.40129.95144113214100
||||| AUBANK522.50-3.00%SELL21/09/18639.95684.40736545748500
||||| BHARATFIN902.30-6.50%SELL28/08/181051.701126.90117010161235885
||||| DBL429.30-8.00%SELL11/09/18612.05775.008426351248426
||||| DHFL188.40-10.50%SELL21/09/18312.00615.15692253692186
||||| GRASIM857.35-1.50%SELL03/10/18933.901082.0010829941300852
||||| INDIANB218.45-2.00%SELL28/08/18247.55293.15339219427217
||||| INDUSINDBK1449.45-8.00%SELL24/08/181695.951834.101919164920381422
||||| RBLBANK469.25-7.00%SELL21/09/18551.00601.00644504652443
||||| TATAMTRDVR92.90-3.00%SELL15/05/18118.35138.3015011526293
||||| TECHM676.55-2.00%SELL22/10/18735.00780.80780693781458
||||| UNIONBANK62.70-2.50%SELL05/09/1872.5079.60936519262
||||| WOCKPHARMA471.80-1.50%SELL21/09/18529.90638.806925311012467

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Market outlook

Daily charts:
- trend is down on daily charts
- today NF closed 0.6% in negative at 10245
- AD was 5:12
- VIX increased by 8%

- option writing resistance 10500-11000 support 10000

- wild guess... markets may bottom here. But call writing is showing no upsides.

October 20, 2018

Hot stocks and charts

LAST updated: 19-OCT-2018 
ABB chart

NIFTY options open interest

- more calls are being written than puts
- highest OI ia at 11000 CE and then 10600 CE
- in puts, highest OI is at 10000

- overall trend is down

Source: https://www.niftytrader.in/live-nifty-open-interest/

NIFTY weekly technicals

- trend is down
- support 10000
- I think this will hold this year...let's see

BANKNIFTY technicals

Daily charts:
- trend is down
- swing high formed around 25900
- support 24250

October 19, 2018

Market outlook

Daily charts:
- trend is down on daily charts
- today markets opened gap down and closed 1.4% in red at 10303
- AD was 5: 12
- highest OI at 11000 CE and 10000 PE
- VIX increases to 20 (11% increase today) making options expensive

October 18, 2018

Kotak Sec tells retail to buy and others to sell same stock same day.. shame shame

- stock is HERO MOTOCORP
- don't know how much of this is true
- both reports are published 17-OCT-2018
- I am not surprised

Here is the buy call.. see the date and the price

And  here is the sell call

Source: https://twitter.com/Amit_Gulecha/status/1052822718737874945   ... thanks for this.

Why your upbringing can work against you in the stock market

We're brought up with a huge focus on being right or wrong. 

At school we learn. We are then tested on that learning with exams and assignments. This continues all the way through our education – primary school, high school and college. Right and wrong: it's ingrained in us from the word go.

But when we enter the trading arena, being right or wrong has nothing to do with being a successful trader and making profits. If you believe that the most important aspect of successful trading is being correct, you are making a very big mistake.

You can be a highly profitable trader and lose more often than not – indeed, some of the world's top traders lose more often than not.

Unfortunately most people have this belief that in order to be profitable you must be right. This line of thinking for an aspiring trader is very, very wrong.

To conclude, don't be obsessed with being correct. Expect half your trades to fail. Money is made not because of the indicator but by your ability to keep losses small and letting profits run.

Being right has nothing to do with making money.