August 15, 2018

Stocks at all time high today

>>> Never risk more than 1% of your capital on any trade. <<<

Stock nameClose% Ch20 Day Swing IndicatorLast Month'sRSI
TrendDatePriceReturn %Fixed SLTrailing SLHighLow5 D14 D
||||| BATA INDIA1004.552.00%Bullish18/06/18816.5023.03907.10818.009328138878
||||| DABUR INDIA453.002.50%BUY30/07/18393.4515.14422.00370.004283668479
||||| EXIDE INDUSTRIES292.101.00%Bullish15/03/18217.5534.27259.60259.002802537569
||||| IBVENTURES746.654.50%Bullish05/04/18286.95160.20585.10474.006014529588
||||| INFIBEAM198.901.00%BUY20/07/18167.8518.50175.50156.001881498980
||||| INFOSYS1408.300.00%Bullish24/05/181221.0015.341347.501309.00139412688369
||||| IPAPPM458.95-2.50%Bullish26/07/18334.9537.02349.20308.003533037477
||||| JSW STEEL341.100.00%Bullish31/07/18330.403.24321.85293.003332946663
||||| LTTS1531.901.50%Bullish24/07/181458.005.071405.001251.00155911928167
||||| NIITTECH1337.353.50%BUY24/07/181218.859.721225.101074.00128610227770
||||| PAGE IND33231.852.50%BUY28/03/1822684.5546.5029020.0027719.0029676275747974
||||| PFIZER2898.252.00%Bullish20/04/182234.2029.722650.002524.00274724918575
||||| TCS2003.550.00%Bullish12/04/181569.6327.641945.001928.00201518417463
||||| UNITED BREWERIES1336.052.50%Bullish17/04/181084.2523.221089.251031.00120910329373
||||| VINATIORGA1357.201.50%Bullish14/05/18951.3042.67955.00910.009989109387
15 rows
Av return = 32.75

Chat transcripts with ICICI chatbot

August 14, 2018

Stocks at 52 week high and low

Stocks at 52 week high: 


Stocks at 52 week low: 


Market outlook

Daily charts:
- trend is up on daily charts
- today NF closed 0.7% in positive at 11435
- AD was flat
- option writing support 11000; may increase to 11400

The Fall & Fall of the Indian Rupee


My notes: irrespective of whichever govt has come, our currency has always lost value.

August 13, 2018

Market outlook

Daily charts:
- trend is up on daily charts
- today NF closed 0.6% in negative at 11356
- second day oh lower high lower low
- AD was 1:2 (not bad)
- not much selling after markets opened gap down (good sign)
- option writing support 11000; may increase to 11200 (good sign)

Buy India on any fall as it could be an outperformer in 2019: Sanjiv Bhasin, IIFL

Key options data point at market nearing a top


My notes: I have no experience in predicting top or bottoms. No one has either.

Most mutual funds schemes underperform as 70% of stocks with market cap of Rs 1,000 crore are trading in red

Of a sample of 30 large-cap equity schemes only ten have managed to outperform the Value Research average large-cap category over a two-year period. Of the nearly 800 stocks that command a market capitalisation of over Rs 1,000 crore, more than a third have lost more than 20% since January 2018.

The under-performance seems to have taken a toll on investor sentiment because in July, the inflows into equity schemes at `9,452 crore, were at their lowest in four months.


My notes: there is additional loss of 2 to 2.5% pa on account of management fees. Since it will become more difficult for fund managers to outperform the index, it makes sense to invest in niftybees.

August 12, 2018

From a maths teacher to India's leading option seller: The inspiring journey of PR Sundar @PRSundar64

PR Sundar, a math teacher, learned about options from the most basic source - the stock exchange booklet - that every dealer working in a broker’s office reads. He still maintains that the book is his primary source of knowledge. While the source of information was the same, the knowledge that Sundar could extract from that source was much higher than what most are capable of.

Born in a poor family, Sundar, a post graduate in mathematics, took to teaching as there were few job opportunities back then. A teaching assignment in Singapore helped him save capital to think about returning back to India and starting a business. A strange happenstance brought Sundar to the market and he has never looked back.

A successful trader who earned his spurs in the options market, Sundar continues to teach, only this time the subject has changed to options. But like every good teacher he is more interested in clearing the cobwebs and imparting knowledge, which can remain lifelong, than spoon-feeding strategies.

Q: How did a math teacher end up trading options?
A: After my post-graduation in mathematics from Chennai, I bagged a job as a maths teacher in a school in Gujarat as there were few jobs in south India then. Among the many good things that Gujarat has to offer, one is the interest in share markets and investing, which stuck with me. Since markets are about numbers, I was naturally attracted towards it.

I received an opportunity to work as a maths teacher in Singapore and moved there in 1993. After a 12 year stint in Singapore, I returned back to India with some capital to start a business. I was looking out for an alternate career other than teaching.

By a fortunate coincidence a relative,


You must learn to love cutting losses

SBI results are super bullish for private financiers. @BMTheEquityDesk

Friday’s action on bank nifty/sbi could only be traded real time @GujralAshwani

August 11, 2018

Why markets are irrational @PRSundar64

Why some passive income will not hurt

NIFTY weekly charts

- trend is up
- this week, nifty traded in small range and closed in positive
- support 11000


- trend is up on daily charts
- Friday showed reversal of Thursday gains
- closing is still at all time high (weekly charts)
- support 27000 - 27600 (prev ATH)

How a currency meltdown in Turkey threatens Europe

The Turkish currency plummeted as much as 17% against the dollar, reflecting a range of concerns, including tensions with the United States and the unwillingness of Turkish authorities to raise interest rates.

President Donald Trump, who imposed sanctions on senior Turkish officials earlier this month for their role in the detention of an American pastor, upped the stakes on Friday with a promise to increase metals tariffs on Turkey.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was defiant.

"Don't forget this: if they have dollars, we have our people, justice and God," he said. "We will come out of the economic war successfully."

The rhetoric did little to calm markets. The lira, which has dropped almost 40% against the dollar this year, resumed its slide as Erdogan spoke.


Gujarat’s bitcoin-based Ponzi scheme could lead to India’s largest banking scandal

A $3 billion scam could be unfolding in Gujarat as probe into an alleged Ponzi scheme reveals tax evasion, police corruption and a fugitive politician.

Accusations of tax evasion and police corruption, a kidnapper who was kidnapped, a fugitive politician, and billions in bitcoin lost. This is crypto-trading Gujarat-style.

The ingredients are part of an investigation in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state into allegations that investors poured cash into a bitcoin-based Ponzi scheme that could exceed the country’s largest banking scandal. The fallout extends as far as Texas and has embroiled a former lawmaker, tarnishing Modi’s ruling party months before an election.

It began in February, when property developer Shailesh Bhatt charged into the Home Minister’s office in Modi’s home state of Gujarat, claiming he had been kidnapped by a group of policemen and told to pay 200 bitcoin, worth some $1.8 million at the time, for his release. He said he had nowhere else to go.

The state’s elite Criminal Investigation Department was called in and the evidence it has uncovered points to a potential fraud on an epic scale. Eight policemen have been indicted and suspended pending trial. The abduction was allegedly spearheaded by Bhatt’s associate, Kirit Paladiya, and masterminded by Paladiya’s uncle Nalin Kotadiya, a former lawmaker in Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, according to Ashish Bhatia, the lead CID investigator. Bhatt has been charged too, as the allegations of kidnapping widened.

Paladiya is now in jail, facing charges of abduction and extortion, and Bhatt and Kotadiya are both absconding, according to police. Kotadiya posted a video via Whatsapp in April denying wrongdoing and saying he’d informed authorities about the crypto scam, said Prashant Dayal, a senior Gujarati journalist who broke the story.

In the video, reposted on Youtube, Kotadiya says Bhatt is responsible for the scam and threatens to release evidence that could implicate other politicians. Both Bhatt and Paladiya have denied wrongdoing, according to their lawyers.

Between late 2016 and early 2017, Bhatt invested in BitConnect, a cryptocurrency firm that was being promoted in Gujarat by a man called Satish Kumbhani, according to Bhatia, the CID investigator, in an interview at his office late June.

Kumbhani is one of the founders of BitConnect, which has allegedly scammed individuals across the globe, according to Crypto Watchdogs, a group of six investors who’ve filed a U.S. federal lawsuit against the company. The firm recruited clients worldwide to deposit bitcoin and receive BitConnect coins they could lend ...


August 10, 2018

Market outlook

Daily charts:
- trend is up on daily charts
- today NF closed  0.5% in negative 11430
- AD was 1:2
- option writing support 11000

- note that even as markets have moved to 11400+ levels, option writing support has not increased
- this means writers are bullish but expect a small correction such that 11000 will not break