November 20, 2018

My inverted H&S on SP500 may go for a toss!

Algostudio 2.0 – Amibroker AutoTrading Bridge for Upstox API Users

Algostudio is a simple and clean user interface which is built on top of Upstox REST API with a large feature set, helping you to automate your quantitative trading who is looking to streamline their processes through automation and effective management of their day-to-day trading activities. 

Algostudio converts amibroker trading signals to automated orders. It is a single interface where provisions are made to execute and monitor your trade positions at one single place.

Features of Algostudio

Supports Automated Trading.
Supports Bracket and Cover Orders.
Supports Place Order/Order Modification/Order Cancellation (Limit/Market/StopLoss/Bracket/Cover).
Close remaining positions from Amibro


NIFTY futures 30 min charts

- on 2nd NOV, NF was around 10600
- today i.e. 20th NOV, NF is at 10665
- a net move of only 65 points in 18 days (calendar)

- extremely rangebound market
- this happens once in a while in every market and losses will be high as signals fail

- I am showing charts with different indicator settings

Market outlook

Daily charts:
- trend is up on daily charts
- today markets opened gap down
- NF closed 15 in negative at 10656
- AD was 5:13

- option writing support 10000 resistance 10800
- today was first day where OI in call was highest

The patterns don't make you a successful trader

The patterns themselves don't make you a successful trader. The moving average crossover doesn't make you a successful trader. The RSI, stochastic, ATR double-hitched backflip twist doesn't make you a successful trader. All these tools are just for your comfort – a way for you to feel in control and as such allow you to participate in the market. That's okay.

What makes you a successful trader is how much you win when you win and how much you lose when you lose. It won't matter what instrument you decide to use to trade. The same basic trading principle can be used in every market in the world – stocks, futures, commodities, ETF's and foreign exchange – and on every time frame from three-minute charts right through to weekly and monthly charts. The same expectancy will be required anywhere in order to be profitable.

Source: Successful stock trading by Nick Radge

How to manage stress of positions in trading Q&A by @SubhadipNandy

November 19, 2018

Marathon RBI meeting?

Market outlook

Daily charts:
- trend is up on daily charts (from today)
- this is the first buy signal after the correction
- immediate SL/ swing low 10400
- AD was flat (slightly positive)

- expecting very strong resistance around 10900 levels and then 11000

- option writing support 10000

How to help others or save the world

November 18, 2018

Diary of an option trader @KatariyaPran

Professional Trading is a full time job- and full time includes after Market hours and Weekends.

You can only do it if you have a passion for it really enjoy it.

Read more at ...  strongly recommended for option traders.

Scalping at its best goes bust selling deep OTM options

Open positions

Adding 10-15 more stocks this weekend

StockClose% ChangeBought atBuy DateRemarksTrailing StoplossReturns %
ADANIPORTS347.450.3634615/11/2018Hold long positions3200.36
AXISBANK619.80-1.0161813/11/2018Hold long positions6000.24
CUMMINSIND795.95-2.5881715/11/2018Hold long positions770-2.58
EMAMILTD461.300.2146015/11/2018Hold long positions4100.21
HAVELLS674.20-1.7366613/11/2018Hold long positions6401.21
HDFC1889.001.91182513/11/2018Hold long positions17803.52
HINDUNILVR1689.10-0.99167113/11/2018Hold long positions16201.08
ICICIBANK367.55-0.6636113/11/2018Hold long positions3401.84
LICHSGFIN453.35-2.7146615/11/2018Hold long positions420-2.71
LT1399.050.04139113/11/2018Hold long positions13400.57
MARUTI7341.20-1.83736914/11/2018Hold long positions7020-0.38
MCDOWELL-N647.100.5464814/11/2018Hold long positions620-0.13
PFC101.35-6.0310815/11/2018Hold long positions98-6.03
PIDILITIND1118.900.96106313/11/2018Hold long positions10005.23
TITAN921.350.0689813/11/2018Hold long positions8402.66
UPL771.851.0776014/11/2018Hold long positions7101.53

November 16, 2018

Only the close matters

Expanding triangle on NIFTY hourly charts

- upper trendline is giving stiff resistance at higher levels
- in last 8-10 days, NF has not gained 100 points peak to peak.

- will lower trendline be tested once more?
- if yes, then correction possible to 10400 levels.

Market outlook

Daily charts:
- trend is down on daily charts
- today NF closed 0.6% in positive at 10682
- AD was negative at 7:10

- option writing support 10000

S Gurumurthy' view on banking and economy are very scary


PMS performance OCT 18

Source: whatsapp forward

November 15, 2018

Buy signal on BANKNIFTY

SL last 2-3 weeks low

And with kplswing indiacator