November 30, 2017

BANK NIFTY technicals

- trend is up
- today, index closed 2% in negative
- expecting support near 25000 (+/- 100 points)

Market outlook

Daily charts
- trend is up on daily charts
- today, NF closed 1.3% in negative at 10226
- AD was 1:2 (not bad)
- swing low support 10100
- immediate resistance 10400 (lower swing high)
- I am expecting support in the region 10000 to 10200

Possible mutual fund advertisement for a new BITCOIN fund

Mutual funds would have launched Bitcoin funds with the story.."if you had done a SIP since 2015...your Rs.1,000/- pm SIP would be worth Rs. 1,00,00,000 by now with a CAGR of 279%"


3 biggest addictions

The 3 biggest addictions in life are
- drugs
- carbohydrates
- monthly salary

Tesla Model X family car does 0 to 100 kmph under 3 sec and is faster than a Lamborgini sports car

Tesla revolutionised the automobile industry with its all electric cars and high end technology. The latest offering is a family car and does 0 to 100 kmph under 3 seconds.

How is this possible? Can electric cars really be faster than the internal combustion cars?

First, watch the video here...

And read the technology behind it at

November 29, 2017

Market outlook

Daily charts
- trend is up on daily charts
- today NF closed flat at 10361
- AD was flat
- swing low support 10100

The Rs 41,000 Crore Trick Called IMFL

It is a miracle worked by the Bureau of Indian Standards that turns spirit made of molasses­—plain desi daru—into whisky, rum and brandy with a lot of added colour and flavour.

....The actual, scientific truth is this—in India, the world’s largest consu­mer of whisky by volume, whisky is not whisky. It’s daru, made of molasses. Neither is Ind­ian brandy really bra­ndy. Vodka is in a grey territory. And even Indian rum is iffy.

...The tale has a uniquely Indian twist. Much of what is mass-market whisky in India smells, tastes and looks like whisky. The ‘better’ ones can be surprisingly smooth and transport the drinker to an eclectic world flavoured with all those high-sounding descriptions: punchy apple and sour lemon as top notes, anchored on a bed of woody smokiness. Pretty much like the premium stuff—except you’re rea­lly being sold a lemon. Why?

...Because scotch and bourbon, the American variant, are distilled from grains, as they should be. And the base of Indian ‘whisky’ is plain spirit distilled from mol­asses, the dark, viscous liquid that’s a byproduct of the process of extracting sugar from sugarcane.

... The most important stipulation is that the esse­ntial characteristics—flavour, consistency, colour and taste—should not be achieved by additives. .. this distilled alcoholic beverage is to be made from fermented grain mash from any of these grains: barley, corn, rye or wheat. And it has to be aged in charred white oak casks for three years to give it its distinctive characteristics. The norms for bourbon, in fact, are so strict that new oak barrels must be used so that the full bouquet of wood flavours comes in. Scotch matures in used barrels. Japanese whiskys are aged in Mizunara, an oak-like tree. Either way, it’s the communing with the wood that slowly exorcises the sprites and the coaxes the ghosts to inhabit the spirit.


Bitcoin: you may never see something like this again

Blowing through resistance on a log graph -- in 42 years of trading I have NEVER seen anything like this. Pay attention folks, you may never see something like this again.

- Peter Brandt

The bitcoin journey

BITCOIN JOURNEY $0 - $1000: 1789 days $1000- $2000: 1271 days $2000- $3000: 23 days $3000- $4000: 62 days $4000- $5000: 61 days $5000- $6000: 8 days $6000- $7000: 13 days $7000- $8000: 14 days $8000- $9000: 9 days $9000-$10000: 2 days

November 28, 2017

How to defraud investors and get rich


  • Bull markets are a great time for fraudster promoters to make money. If you are a fraudster and also want to benefit from this bull market, here's a thread that explains how you can defraud shareholders and get rich.
  • Draw analogies to D-Mart or other businesses that investors love (next Page Industries maybe?). Doesn't matter if your business is nothing like the ones you are comparing it with.
  • Start making up the numbers. Only Revenue and PAT matters. So don't worry if the Balance Sheet has all sorts of large unexplained scary stuff. No one looks at the BS in a bull market.
  • Also, don't worry if you have almost zero on-ground sales or operations. No one will check. Even the outlets you mention in the investor presentation don't really have to exist. Just don't do the mistake of providing store location links on Google Maps or your website.
  • Start advertising on CNBC and Economic Times. Why? Because your audience is the investor community. Doesn't matter if actual consumers have never heard of your products, the investors should hear about it every week.


NIFTY Options Open Interest

My most recent post is here where I wrote 10000 will hold this DEC and 10200 this NOV.

Here is the latest update 2 days before expiry.

- limited upside seen
- small correction possible
- DEC OI highest at 10000 put strike

Market outlook

Daily charts
- trend is up on daily charts
- today, NF closed flat at 10370
- AD was flat
- swing low 10100

Amazon Is Asking Indians To Hand Over Their #Aadhaar To Track Lost Packages

The move has baffled Amazon’s Indian customers. For months, Indians have been grappling with their government forcing them to link Aadhaar with their bank accounts and health insurance among other things. Private companies like cellphone carriers and FedEx have also demanded customers’ Aadhaar details to provide services. Many are concerned because critics say that linking Aadhaar to both significant and mundane parts your life enables the state and private players to track your every move.

“[Being asked for my Aadhaar] was like being blackmailed to link [it] with my Amazon account if I wanted to get the products I had already paid for,” Shraddha Kosaria, an Amazon customer in the Indian city of Kolkata told BuzzFeed News. “It was absurd and frustrating.”


NOTE: UIDIA says never disclose your Aadhaar card number 

This Tsunami will wipe out your money lying in the Banks

1. Banks, the world over, get into problems, when the loans advanced by them are not repaid on time, by the borrowers. When the economy is in a slow-down, many of these borrowers go belly up and become NPAs.

2. Normal banking prudence suggests that the banks should auction the assets given by the borrower as security, at the time of taking loans. Generally banks insist on 150% security of the loan amount. For example, if a borrower wants Rs.100 as loan, he has to provide security worth Rs.150 before availing the loan.

3. However, for big borrowers, every norm is flouted and when they become NPAs like that of Anil Ambani in Telecom, you are talking of outstanding dues worth Rs.45,000 Cr. Now the question is, who will replace the funds, that were loaned to him.

4. Today the NPAs of Indian Banks, amount to over Rs.10 Lac-
Cr. Jaitly or Urjit Patel do not give the actual figures. To rescue these banks, the Govt. has 2 options. They are called "bail-out", which means the Govt. uses the taxpayers' money to fund the bank. This is very wrong but it has now been happening, quite regularly in India,

5. The other monstrous option is called "bail-in". The is the term that forms the very pivot of this post and has never been resorted to, in our country earlier. Now what is "bail-in". The dictionary meaning of "bail-in" is - "rescuing a financial institution on the brink of failure "by making its creditors and depositors" take a loss on their holdings". A bail-in is an internal process and is the opposite of a bail-out, which is external and handled by Govt. with budgetary allocation.

6. You just deposit your money in a bank as a "Savings Deposit or Fixed Deposit" to use it whenever you want. You have no clue as to how well the bank is managed. Now Modi & Jaitely have got a bill approved by the Cabinet called "The Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance (FRDI) Bill, 2017" and this has now been referred to a Joint Parliamentary Committee before getting it passed in the Parliament.


November 27, 2017

Some signals

Stock nameClosePercentage ChangeSignalReversal
Level/ SL
Last Month's
1 day20 daysHighLow
||||| 8KMILES946.7010.00%65.00%BUY556.25680373
||||| ACC1693.300.00%-6.50%SELL1837.0018371634
||||| ADANIPOWER36.603.00%9.00%BUY31.303429
||||| AJANTPHARM1365.702.50%10.50%BUY1169.0012831126
||||| APARINDS803.201.00%4.00%BUY711.65791740
||||| APEX641.204.50%52.50%BUY412.10484305
||||| ASHOKA247.303.50%14.50%BUY198.60223182
||||| AURIONPRO188.857.50%9.00%BUY164.25177131
||||| BBL1125.7510.00%9.00%BUY964.101165992
||||| BRFL176.305.50%33.50%BUY123.25134110

Market outlook

Daily charts
- trend is up on daily charts
- today, NF opened gap down but closed near day's high
- markets closed at 10399 (0.1% in positive)
- today's low around 10340 will be important support
- swing low remains at 10100

Is there anybody out there? Nice article on the Fermi Paradox

The Fermi Paradox is the stark contradiction between the high probability estimates of Extraterrestrial Life existing and the lack of evidence for the same. 

The basic arguments goes like this:

  • There are about 100 billion sun-like stars in our galaxy, some even older than our Sun.
  • Most of these stars ought to have planets around them. That makes for hundreds of billions of planets. Many of them will be potentially habitable.
  • Some of those planets can give rise to Life. And some of those can give rise to Intelligent Life too. That amounts to potentially millions of worlds with Intelligent civilizations.
  • Some of these civilizations might develop Interstellar travel. Even at a slow place, the galaxy can be colonized in less than a million years!

So the question is: If there are so many potential extraterrestrial civilizations, then why haven’t we come in contact with any such civilization at all? That’s the supposed paradox.


November 26, 2017

S&P comments on India ratings

Makes no difference..

Can you explain when it was posted or what it means?

Somewhere in 1950s or 1980s or last week?

Nifty can Bounce Above 10490 without Breaking Below 10269

Nifty opened higher at 10358 and bounced further to register day’s high 10378 but declined sharply by more than 60 points to register day’s low 10307. Nifty bounced again from lower levels and closed 6 points up at 10348.

Yesterday, one more bounce towards 10490-10590 was expected in coming days and 10297-10263 was estimated breakeven/support range on downside. I suggested initiating positional longs if Nifty decline around 10297-10263 using exact stoploss of 10257 (some points below 10263) expecting targets 10490-10590 in comings days/weeks.

Nifty declined till 10307 and bounced back to close at 10348. Let’s have a fresh look at latest charts for further scenario.


Planet Nine Could Be Our Solar System's Missing 'Super Earth'

The hypothetical planet is believed to be about 10 times more massive than Earth and located in the dark, outer reaches of the solar system, approximately 20 times farther from the sun than Neptune is. The expected orbit is 15000 to 20000 earth years.

"There are now five different lines of observational evidence pointing to the existence of Planet Nine," Konstantin Batygin, a planetary astrophysicist at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, said in the statement. "If you were to remove this explanation and imagine Planet Nine does not exist, then you generate more problems than you solve. All of a sudden, you have five different puzzles, and you must come up with five different theories to explain them."

Nice article on Richard Feynnman and John Wheeler - some of the greatest minds

Image result for feynman diagram
...Feynman and Wheeler brought forth some of the most incredible ideas modern physics has ever seen. Feynman’s contributions to the development of quantum field theory, including his Nobel Prize-winning development of quantum electrodynamics (Q.E.D.) and his intuitive Feynman diagrams, his contributions to teaching, the Manhattan project, gravitational wave physics, the Challenger disaster and much more are not only covered, they’re explained in gloriously in-depth and simultaneously comprehensible fashion.

Wheeler, although less renowned among the general public, brought about contributions to General Relativity, from black holes and parallel Universes to quantum gravity, wormholes, and information theory. While Halpern has a gift for breaking down these complex concepts to make them accessible to a non-specialist, perhaps the most spectacular and unique part of this book is his ability to get inside their minds. Feynman was insecure, conservative in his ideas, careful in his calculations, and skeptical of any notion that was too far afield. Wheeler, to the contrary, was full of wild ideas, from there only being one electron in the Universe to viewing antimatter as normal matter traveling backwards in time to the idea that there were no particles, only information.


Feynman’s ability to connect the wild ideas to the physical Universe, never far afield from what could be measured, was the perfect complement to Wheeler’s imagination. Together and separately, they took on gravitation, the quantum nature of reality, and even space and time itself. And as much as any physicist ever did, they not only took these ideas on; they won.

Their personal lives are also recounted as never before, not even by Feynman himself in his autobiographical writings. On the surface, Feynman and Wheeler couldn’t have been more different. Feynman was outrageous, extroverted, casual, loud, and seemed willing to try absolutely anything, just to know what the experience was like. Wheeler was the opposite...


November 25, 2017

Video: Amazon's US New High-Tech Distribution Center ( 2 year old video)

How does a bull market looks like

This year, nifty has gained 26% and people who made money are congratulating themselves on their intelligence and skills etc etc.

But what does a bull market look or feel like?

To recap, this is the chart of what a real bull market looks like.

In the chart, the first arrow refers to the month when nifty gained 17% (OCT 2007). At current price levels, it means a min gain of 1700 points in one month.

Distraction: the biggest enemy of a trader

... In the daytrader, we see the ability to sustain intense concentration on a number of variables simultaneously.  It is this parallel processing skill that enables the daytrader to act quickly on shifts in buying and selling flows.  Conversely, the skilled investor maintains a depth of concentration over time that allows for a deeper understanding of fundamentals and the supply/demand changes that result from monetary and geopolitical sources.

The challenge faced by these market participants is distraction.  Distraction interferes with focus...


Hot stocks and charts

Hot stocks and charts

ACE chart

'There is no news': What a change from 1930 to today

... 87 years ago, on 18 April 1930, the BBC's news announcer had nothing to communicate. "There is no news," was the script of the 20:45 news bulletin, before piano music was played for the rest of the 15-minute segment.

The wireless service then returned to broadcasting from the Queen's Hall in Langham Place, London, where the Wagner opera Parsifal was being performed.

How times have changed.

a family around a wireless radio, listening to the news


NIFTY + BANKNIFTY weekly charts

NIFTY weekly charts
- trend is up
- support 10100 resistance 10500

November 24, 2017

Market outlook

Daily charts
- trend is up on daily charts
- today, markets closed 0.4% in positive at 10390
- AD was 10:7
- swing low support at 10100

November 23, 2017

Market outlook

Daily charts
- trend is up on daily charts
- today NF closed flat at 10348
- AD was flat
- swing low support at 10100
- resistance 10400

AlphaGo Zero learns a complicated game without any human help

.... Once it learned the game, the program played against different versions of itself to help it learn from its mistakes and figure out what needs to win the game. AlphaGo Zero learned how to play the game by playing itself millions of times over. It learned the best method of winning the game through reinforcement learning – if it made a good move, it would be rewarded. If it made a bad move, it got closer to losing.

After playing roughly five million games against itself, the updated AI program could defeat human players and the original AlphaGo. After 40 days, it even reigned supreme over AlphaGo Master. The program depends on a group of software neurons that are connected together to form an artificial neural network. During each turn, the network examines the positions of the pieces on the Go board and determines the moves that might be made next and the chances of them leading to a win. The network updates itself after every game to make itself stronger for the next match.

Along with being more advanced, AlphaGo Zero is a simpler program. It was able to learn the game faster even though it trained on less data and runs on a smaller computer.


What most #whatsapp users do the whole day

November 22, 2017

Digital Economy: The great Indian leapfrog

g_101105_digital_280x210.jpg... The digital economy, with its ultra-low start-up costs, immediate access to a massive consumer market, and ability to test and fail cheaply has allowed firms to bypass the hurdles that traditional businesses have faced in India. If moving from farming to factories provided massive productivity gains for countries like China, the leap from agriculture to apps promises even greater dividends.

... digital transformations of entire industries has meant that the lowest cost providers do not necessarily come out ahead, nor is low cost a necessary condition for success. Convenience, innovativeness and emotional connections are often stronger drivers of success in this era. Creating valuable and relevant brands is no longer the purview of wealthy multinationals alone, but also possible for maverick upstarts who may better understand the digital realities and millennial consumer preferences.

The mobile revolution in India, which has seen the sector add a billion subscribers in a dozen years (2005-2017) has created the baseline digital infrastructure needed for this leapfrog. Already, two thirds of the country’s internet traffic passes through mobile devices.


There could be a multitrillion-dollar opportunity waiting in India, Morgan Stanley says

India's push to digitize has seen its economy undergo massive changes, but that presents a multitrillion-dollar investment opportunity as both tax compliance and access to credit increase, according to Morgan Stanley.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's push to digitize the Indian economy has seen the introduction of Aadhaar — a unique identification number based on biometric information issued to residents of India — and attempts to reduce dependency on physical cash, although last November's surprise demonetization drive caused plenty of disruption.


Mystery visitor from outside the solar system

Discovery of cigar-shaped asteroid from outer space could help unveil secrets of extrasolar worldsIt came from outer space … and went back there two weeks later, having astonished and excited astronomers and planetary scientists. 

A cigar-shaped object, less than half a kilometre long and barely bright enough to be detected by the world's most powerful telescopes, payed us a flying visit in October this year – reminding us that the heavens still hold plenty of surprises.

The orbit is hyperbolic, the object entered the solar system at a very steep angle to the ecliptic plane. It then rounded the sun, dipping below the ecliptic as it did so, and shot out again. What makes this orbit so interesting is that when its trajectory is traced back, it is clear that the object did not originate within the solar system – not even within the "Oort Cloud", the reservoir that marks the outer fringes of our planetary system.The mystery visitor comes from beyond the fringe, and so is interstellar. This is the first time scientists have discovered an asteroid from outside the solar system, and the finding has been published in Nature.

Read more at:

Hot stocks and charts

ACE chart

Market outlook

Daily charts
- trend is up on daily charts
- today, NF closed flat
- AD was flat
- markets rangebound for past few days
- support seen at 10100 and res at 10400

Investing in actively managed funds does not make sense

According to ET, 44% equity mutual fund schemes fail to beat their benchmark.

If 44% of funds fail to beat their benchmark index, then it means that only 56% could beat the index.

Also it is quite likely that the under performing fund and over performing fund had the same fund manager.

This obviously means that performance (or lack of it) is purely a random event and NOT attributed to any skill or intelligence of the fund manager.

So why give so much importance to fund managers and pay high mgmt fees (2.5% pa)?

You can easily get better performance by investing in in any passively managed fund (ETF, index funds etc) as mgmt fees are around 0.5% and no intelligence is required (plus point).

underperforming schemes


Elliott Wave Outlook of Nifty for 22 Nov 2017 Onward

Nifty opened higher at 10329 and bounced further to register day’s high 10358 but declined sharply by more than 40 points before closing to register day’s low 10315 and finally closed 28 points up at 10326.

Yesterday, bounce above 10343 was expected with 10261 as stoploss. I didn’t suggest any exact trade because minimum upside target was just 40 points away and there was no indication of any big one sided move. Nifty achieved 10343 as expected and then declined back after registering 10358. Now, let’s have a fresh look at latest charts for further scenario.


#BSE at lifetime low/ below listing price?

No, do not join an NGO to save the world. Just take risks, start a business. #taleb

Finally, when young people who “want to help mankind” come to me, asking: “What should I do? I want to reduce poverty, save the world” and similar noble aspirations at the macro-level. My suggestion is:

  1. never engage in virtue signaling;
  2. never engage in rent seeking;
  3. you must start a business. Take risks, start a business.

Yes, take risk, and if you get rich (what is optional) spend your money generously on others. We need people to take (bounded) risks. The entire idea is to move these kids away from the macro, away from abstract universal aims, that social engineering that bring tail risks to society. Doing business will always help; institutions may help but they are equally likely to harm (I am being optimistic; I am certain that except for a few most do end up harming).

Risk is the highest virtue.


November 20, 2017

Market outlook

Daily charts
- trend is up on daily charts
- today, NF traded in a small range
- AD was positive
- option writing hints at rangeound market for some more time

Two Things Successful Traders Are Doing

1)  They collaborate:  They find like-minded colleagues and reach out to discuss ideas, research, and performance.  That collaboration allows for a richer processing of information, as traders not only see something on a screen, but actively work with that information.  Many traders fall short of their potential because they aren't processing information in the ways best for them.  Active processing is great, but many traders excel at interactive processing. 

2)  They find multiple ways to make money:  They aren't limited to one strategy or pattern to trade.  That allows them to succeed when markets become slower or when trends are not dominant.  Many times, the discovery of new ways to succeed comes from the collaboration mentioned above.  Seeing how other traders are succeeding sparks ideas for a trader.  Imagine how successful you could be if you cultivated a fresh source of edge each year.  Over time, you would have quite a portfolio of methods for succeeding, and you could reap the benefits of diversification:  always having some methods working while others are not.


The Biggest Killer of Investment Returns

Somewhere, right this very moment, an investor you know of is having more fun than you. He has just made a lot of money – more than you – thanks to the graphite electrode stock he owns. And you just missed out on it.

Not just that, you realize you have missed out on so many other stocks that others own and are making tons of money on, and you aren’t. In fact, you may even know of someone who owns all the stocks that are rising, and you are cursing yourself for not being that person, plus envying him.

Not just that, looking at your portfolio you realize that somewhere, something isn’t right. There’s one stock, or maybe more, that hasn’t done much even when other stocks you don’t own have skyrocketed.


November 18, 2017

NIFTY weekly charts

- trend is up
- support 10100 - 9700

BANK NIFTY weekly charts

- trend is up this year
- no sell signal so far
- support 23800

Moody: India rating timeline - best time was 1980s

Global rating agency Moody’s on Friday upgraded India’s sovereign bond rating by a notch to Baa2. This is the best for the country in the recent past, but India's sovereign  - ratings in late 1980s and 1990 were higher. The economy had a rating of A2 in 1988 which was downgraded by two notches to Baa1 in 1990. However, the rating in 1990 was still a notch higher than now.

November 17, 2017

Market outlook + Option Analysis

Daily charts
- trend is up on daily charts
- today NF opened gap up but closed near lows of the day
- overall NF was still 0.7% up at 10284
- AD was 11:6

Option Analysis
- resistance seen at 10400-10500
- support seen at 10000 and not at 10200 or 10300
- so correction not ruled out

Next big move by Modi? Bank cheque facility may be withdrawn to push digital transactions

The CAIT secretary general said, “The government spends Rs 25,000 crore on printing of currency notes and another Rs 6,000 crore on their security and logistics. “Moreover, banks charge 1 per cent on payments through debit card and 2 per cent through credit cards. The government needs to incentivise this process by providing subsidy directly to the banks so these charges can be waived.”

Khandelwal said only 5 per cent of the total 80-crore ATM-cum-debit cards are used for cashless transactions, while 95 per cent of them are used for cash withdrawals. Mastercard Executive Director (Global Community Relations) Ravi Aurora said this initiative with the CAIT will provide a “major fillip in our endeavour to move towards a less-cash society”. “Under the digital literacy campaign, we have held about 450 conferences during the past three years. By the end of next month, we have set the target to reach to 10 lakh merchants to support the government’s target of powering 2,500 -crore digital transactions,” Aurora said.


After rating upgrade, India still in same category? Bit confusing.

Strange /funny RTI info on bullet train

Question: if this RTI reply is true/ authentic, then what was the big noise / celebration about the Mumbai Ahmedabad bullet train project? Was it just gas?

Moody’s Upgrades India’s Sovereign Rating

Moody’s Investor Service has upgraded India’s sovereign rating for the first time since 2004, citing continued progress in the nation’s economic and institutional reforms. The rating agency on Monday upgraded India's rating to Baa2 from Baa3. The outlook on the rating is 'stable'.


My take: this is a huge positive for India and should embolden the government to undertake more reforms.

November 16, 2017

NIFTY options open interest

Option writing analysis
- 10000 will hold this DEC
- 10200 may not break this NOV
- trend is up
- just joking... don't let this affect your trading strategy as views can change

Source: NSE F&O bhavcopy

NIFTY futures hourly charts

With kplswing indicator N=5

Another example of GST rate reduction not benefitting customers

Customer pays the same amount even though GST rate dropped down from 18% to 5%.

Here is the link to the McDonald instance

Market outlook

Daily charts
- trend is up on daily charts
- today, NF recovered smartly and closed 1% in positive at 10215
- AD was 2:1 while VIX dropped 6%
- good chances of 10100 becoming next swing low... let's see.

Mumbai resident's seek to halt govt massive publicity campaign ... want to see real work happen

People want to see real work on the ground and not impressive ads, Shivaji Park, Dadar, Mumbai residents tell the government in a letter.

Fed up of seeing and listening to advertisements on television, newspapers and radio, a group of Dadar residents want the BJP-led state government to work on better roads, affordable homes and bring down cost of essential supplies instead of wasting money on advertisements.

"Many of us residents feel that the government is spending too much money on advertisements. There are protests happening everywhere. All sections of the society - farmers, working class, taxi drivers and professionals - are troubled with prices of vegetables and other essential items shooting through the roof. The roads are in a bad condition and everyone is stressed," reads the residents' letter.

It says that the government seems interested only in giving its image a makeover and that too with public money. "This must stop and some real work must happen," the letter reads.


Indian Economy Recovering From ‘Temporary Blip’

India’s economic slowdown has bottomed out and should start moving upwards after recovering from the ‘temporary blip’ seen during the recent structural changes, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said.

Addressing investors today at the Morgan Stanley annual conference here on ‘India: Structural Reforms and Growth Path Ahead’, Jaitley talked about the massive economic reforms undertaken by India.

“I think the bottoming out of the economy is complete and now it should start moving upwards. The global economy is also moving up.

As part of the summit, Jaitley met the senior management of Morgan Stanley and addressed a gathering of senior fund managers and key financial institutional investors.

Jaitley said India’s basic parameters are quite stable as the country grew at a rate of 7-8 percent over the last three years.

“Therefore, we need over the next, at least, a decade, if not more, significantly higher growth rates in order to go ahead with expansion plan of the Indian economy,” Jaitley said.


Possibly one of the worst inventions by man

Image result for chairThe humble chair is one of the worst inventions and a hidden yet leading cause of health problems. 

Use the chair as less as possible - ideally under an hour per day. Sitting on a chair (office, car seat, dining chair, sofa etc) any more than that is likely to be as damaging as say smoking.

At the molecular level, your body was designed to be active and on the move all day long. When you stop moving for extended periods of time, it's like telling your body it's time to shut down and prepare for death.

All in the family: the wealth creator, preserver and destroyer

So who is the creator, preserver and destroyer of wealth?

Related image

November 15, 2017

McDonald no change in total bill even after drop in GST rate? What's happening?

Swing trading signals :: 15-NOV-2017

Swing trading signals :: 15-NOV-2017

  • This report is for educational purposes only and is not recommended for trading or investment.
  • Liquidity filter: ||||| excellent liquidity - ||||| good liquidity - ||||| low liquidity.

Stock nameClosePercentage ChangeSignalReversal
Level/ SL
Last Month's
1 day20 daysHighLow
||||| ADLABS66.15-3.50%-4.50%SELL88.707754
||||| AMARAJABAT821.253.00%20.50%BUY664.55725674
||||| APEX485.004.50%5.50%BUY387.95484305
||||| ARSHIYA78.05-6.00%-8.00%SELL90.809469
||||| AUTOAXLES1060.1010.00%18.00%BUY886.40960874
||||| BALRAMCHIN156.10-2.00%-2.00%SELL179.45172156
||||| BATAINDIA744.30-4.50%-5.00%SELL832.80825685
||||| BLUEDART3997.65-1.00%-5.00%SELL4300.0043004060
||||| BOMDYEING185.85-4.50%-6.50%SELL218.00245176
||||| CADILAHC439.15-2.00%-12.00%SELL515.00512471
||||| CANFINHOME437.90-3.00%-20.00%SELL555.80565478
||||| CAPACITE332.65-2.50%-2.50%SELL389.15358327
||||| CAPF679.00-3.00%-11.00%SELL771.90773702
||||| CENTURYTEX1260.40-2.50%-2.00%SELL1418.0013841217
||||| COCHINSHIP541.85-1.50%-4.50%SELL597.80598515
||||| DBREALTY33.95-2.50%-0.50%SELL40.954133
||||| DCAL282.85-2.50%-8.50%SELL313.80348290
||||| DCW38.00-5.00%-9.50%SELL55.455534
||||| DEEPAKFERT401.30-2.00%-8.50%SELL500.40484370
||||| DEEPIND208.60-4.00%-3.50%SELL236.70247212
||||| DLINKINDIA111.95-4.00%-9.00%SELL140.70129105
||||| ESABINDIA820.15-2.50%-3.50%SELL1055.001075743
||||| EXIDEIND196.00-1.50%-4.00%SELL214.80213198
||||| FEDDERELEC77.85-11.50%-3.00%SELL96.609769
||||| FSL36.25-3.00%-12.50%SELL45.154540
||||| GICHSGFIN418.90-3.00%-17.00%SELL514.70537482
||||| GIPCL123.35-2.50%-12.00%SELL145.90151131
||||| GNA344.05-2.00%-5.00%SELL384.90396313
||||| GODREJIND538.55-3.00%-11.50%SELL613.70637569
||||| HIKAL234.05-1.00%-7.50%SELL264.00264206
||||| HINDALCO251.85-3.50%-7.00%SELL278.55279238
||||| HINDZINC296.40-4.00%-7.00%SELL331.00331300
||||| HUDCO79.85-1.50%-2.00%SELL89.809080
||||| IBULHSGFIN1161.25-2.50%-10.00%SELL1373.9513741206
||||| IBVENTURES261.20-6.00%-10.50%SELL307.00302256
||||| IFBIND1180.602.50%46.00%BUY805.601015709
||||| IL&FSTRANS74.40-3.00%-4.50%SELL92.859172
||||| INOXLEISUR274.151.50%17.00%BUY225.25249225
||||| ITDC506.25-3.00%-4.00%SELL602.70572515
||||| ITI140.60-3.00%-6.50%SELL164.90165129
||||| JAICORPLTD115.00-3.00%-3.50%SELL136.75137109
||||| JINDRILL151.00-4.50%-6.00%SELL175.90172153
||||| JKTYRE143.90-2.50%-4.00%SELL155.40155145
||||| JMFINANCIL143.25-3.50%-23.00%SELL185.10192140
||||| JSL107.25-6.00%-5.50%SELL121.20121110
||||| LEEL274.10-7.00%-14.50%SELL322.50327285
||||| MAJESCO494.20-3.50%-11.50%SELL568.00590415
||||| MANALIPETC34.15-3.50%-3.50%SELL39.103932
||||| MARKSANS39.90-4.00%-11.50%SELL52.305242
||||| MCX934.00-1.50%-17.00%SELL1157.8011601031
||||| MONTECARLO469.20-6.50%-3.50%SELL558.60558455
||||| NATIONALUM80.15-5.50%-6.50%SELL97.609778
||||| NILAINFRA18.00-1.50%-6.50%SELL21.402117
||||| NILKAMAL1560.50-1.50%-4.00%SELL1744.0017441543
||||| ORICONENT57.05-2.00%-10.00%SELL72.507262
||||| PAGEIND23025.903.50%21.50%BUY18731.002072618252
||||| PEL2566.40-2.00%-6.50%SELL2820.0028202606
||||| PENINLAND27.80-2.00%-6.50%SELL36.003524
||||| PFC121.95-2.50%-1.00%SELL149.65150119
||||| PNBHOUSING1316.40-2.50%-12.00%SELL1519.0015401350
||||| PTC113.45-1.50%-5.00%SELL128.20127117
||||| PUNJLLOYD20.15-1.50%-5.00%SELL23.652420
||||| RAJESHEXPO759.60-2.00%-7.50%SELL865.00865781
||||| RELCAPITAL422.80-10.00%-21.00%SELL593.90595531
||||| RELINFRA417.95-9.00%-9.00%SELL512.55510452
||||| RICOAUTO89.25-4.00%-8.00%SELL110.9011193
||||| RIIL470.15-4.00%-8.00%SELL551.90552480
||||| RPOWER35.35-8.00%-13.00%SELL42.404239
||||| RUCHISOYA21.55-3.50%-8.50%SELL31.352522
||||| SANGHIIND114.30-4.50%-10.00%SELL137.20135102
||||| SANGHVIMOV142.95-3.50%-8.00%SELL179.90178135
||||| SDBL153.45-3.00%-3.00%SELL189.50190148
||||| SHAKTIPUMP426.00-4.50%-13.00%SELL497.90543465
||||| SHIVAMAUTO87.10-3.00%-2.00%SELL107.9010865
||||| SHREYAS516.3514.50%12.50%BUY401.95499412
||||| SHRIRAMCIT1984.05-1.00%-3.50%SELL2358.7023231955
||||| SINTEX24.80-1.50%-7.00%SELL28.403026
||||| SPTL75.60-3.50%-18.50%SELL97.2010090
||||| SUNPHARMA504.65-4.00%-7.50%SELL572.30559500
||||| SUZLON13.65-5.50%-11.50%SELL17.301715
||||| TANLA30.55-2.50%-3.00%SELL36.653730
||||| TASTYBITE6889.608.00%28.50%BUY5211.3055205211
||||| TATAINVEST829.40-1.50%-5.00%SELL910.00913852
||||| TATASTEEL677.75-1.00%-5.00%SELL735.00735654
||||| TBZ116.20-2.00%-11.50%SELL134.80135115
||||| TRIVENI88.90-3.50%-6.50%SELL98.8010286
||||| TVSSRICHAK3268.903.50%4.00%BUY2979.0032492974
||||| UJAAS21.80-4.00%-6.50%SELL27.702522
||||| UPL721.45-2.50%-11.00%SELL849.70850769
||||| VISAKAIND619.90-6.00%-14.00%SELL729.00734592
||||| VIVIMEDLAB115.35-1.00%-10.00%SELL128.95137120
||||| ZENTEC96.2010.00%54.00%BUY61.109347

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