November 16, 2017

Mumbai resident's seek to halt govt massive publicity campaign ... want to see real work happen

People want to see real work on the ground and not impressive ads, Shivaji Park, Dadar, Mumbai residents tell the government in a letter.

Fed up of seeing and listening to advertisements on television, newspapers and radio, a group of Dadar residents want the BJP-led state government to work on better roads, affordable homes and bring down cost of essential supplies instead of wasting money on advertisements.

"Many of us residents feel that the government is spending too much money on advertisements. There are protests happening everywhere. All sections of the society - farmers, working class, taxi drivers and professionals - are troubled with prices of vegetables and other essential items shooting through the roof. The roads are in a bad condition and everyone is stressed," reads the residents' letter.

It says that the government seems interested only in giving its image a makeover and that too with public money. "This must stop and some real work must happen," the letter reads.


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