November 28, 2017

How to defraud investors and get rich


  • Bull markets are a great time for fraudster promoters to make money. If you are a fraudster and also want to benefit from this bull market, here's a thread that explains how you can defraud shareholders and get rich.
  • Draw analogies to D-Mart or other businesses that investors love (next Page Industries maybe?). Doesn't matter if your business is nothing like the ones you are comparing it with.
  • Start making up the numbers. Only Revenue and PAT matters. So don't worry if the Balance Sheet has all sorts of large unexplained scary stuff. No one looks at the BS in a bull market.
  • Also, don't worry if you have almost zero on-ground sales or operations. No one will check. Even the outlets you mention in the investor presentation don't really have to exist. Just don't do the mistake of providing store location links on Google Maps or your website.
  • Start advertising on CNBC and Economic Times. Why? Because your audience is the investor community. Doesn't matter if actual consumers have never heard of your products, the investors should hear about it every week.


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