March 17, 2017

Option writing trades - VI

Previous trades are available here.

To make it easier for me, I will post my trades only on trend reversal. I will also not be posting the MTM everyday as I assume readers are smart enough to figure out if the trade is in profit or not.

All trades are based on 15 min charts.

My usual trade quantity is 900.

28-FEB-2017: trend has reversed to down on 15 min charts. SL 8950... better SL is 9000 if you are writing calls.

Note previous trend was up from 1-FEB and has reversed only today.

- still holding short position in OTM calls
- will square off everything by Friday

- good I squared off everything
- SGX NIFTY now 9100+

- trend is still up so put writing continues
- reversal level is 9150 on 15 min charts

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