February 25, 2017

Candlestick reversal patterns

An excellent single image collection of candlestick reversal patterns.... you can save the image as a single file on your desktop and refer to it everyday.

Ignore the reliability part. Nothing is reliable or sure-shot in life!

The key thing in candlesticks is to try and understand what is happening.  Who is under pressure, who is under pain? Use candlesticks to capitalize on this and exploit to your advantage.


  1. Excellent piece of one page information. It will be of further useful ,if you could link the underlined with explanation opening the page where the details one can get about that to study

    Please explain one by one candle a day with charts for studying purposes

    Thanks for the various educative material now a days you are publishing and educating all

    1. By looking at the pattern, one should understand what is happening. You just need to focus on the open, high, low, close of the candles and visualise what happened.

      Once you understand all this, then you need not remember any pattern. Just read the charts and the sentiment and you will know what to expect.

  2. QUOTE - ""By looking at the pattern, one should understand what is happening. " thank u KPL ji. this is like "ready to eat fast food". thanks a ton for the "educative post".

    have a good day


  3. very helpfull post all candlestick patterns at one place, thanks sir

  4. KP Boss, this is what in Hindi one would call, "Gagar mein Sagar" (An ocean of info in a pitcher!. Great!!! and thanks!