December 20, 2014

The Fed NEEDS Inflation Otherwise the Bond Bubble Will Burst

As we keep emphasizing, the Fed’s real concern is the bond bubble… NOT stocks.
We get more evidence of this from Janet Yellen’s press conference after the Fed’s Wednesday FOMC meeting.
During the conference, Yellen repeatedly stated that lower oil prices were “positive” for the US economy. This is simply astounding because the Fed has repeatedly told us time and again that it was IN-flation NOT DE-flation that was great for the economy.
And yet, on Wednesday, the head of the Fed admitted, in public, that deflation can in fact be positive.
How can deflation be both positive for the economy at the same time that the economy needs MORE inflation?
The answer is easy… Yellen doesn’t care about the economy. She cares about the US’s massive debt load AKA the BOND BUBBLE.
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