January 12, 2015

Good bye Facebook and Whatsapp

I have generally found FB to a waste notwithstanding the ability to "connect" with old friends and colleagues. However my "going social" meant wasting more time doing things which I never was doing earlier. Posting silly pictures, clicking on likes and so on.

If someone wants to "connect" with me they can always google me and get my contact details anyway.

I am completely off Whatsapp for similar reasons. While I found it excellent for fast chats, the group features made this a complete mess. There is only a certain amount of messages you can handle and the vast majority was silly jokes, good mornings and what not.

The funny thing was not only did I end up wasting my own time, I also started wasting other people's time.

I am still on Twitter... so far this is not a time waster as I do not "follow" anyone. But then let's see how long.

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