February 10, 2015

BANK NIFTY technicals 5 charts

Overall trend is down ... no buy indication on 15 mn or hourly or EOD charts.

On 15 min charts, buy signal will come on close above 18700.

There is no buy signal on hourly charts

BNF gave a sell on kplswing indicator today... profit in previous long trade was approx 12% (buy signal generated on 21-OCT at 16427). Next buy will come on close above 20100... this level will come down over a period of time.

The first sell warning came in last week of JAN (green box) and would have been obvious to any candlestick user (buy generated around 16300 levels).

Fibonacci retracement levels are as follows - note that this is a log scale chart

ATR is 400 points - this will be your min SL for a positional trade using EOD charts

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