March 24, 2015

Posting my intraday trades to clear certain impressions

This is a one time post to clear certain impressions.

People sometimes get the feeling that it is easy to post trades after market hours and thus appear intelligent. What about real trades?

My today's trades...
- total long 9000 options of 8600 call ... covered intraday (buying from Rs.25-)
- total long 2000 options of 8700 call ... covered intraday (buying from Rs.5-)
- total long 2000 options of 8700 call ... positional / still open.

The last trade was badly managed.. had this been exited immediately, overall profits would have been 30K more.

And this is the screen shot of the net positions. This does NOT indicate the time or the order of the trade. It shows only the total quantity.

I normally trade 1000-2000 shares per order... this depends on option premium, volatility, where I am entering the trade etc. Also, I add more positions only if the previous candlestick is in profit. This automatically caps the risk.

Trading logic is explained in this post.

NOTE: I do not offer any intraday/ F&O services.

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