July 27, 2015

Real estate correction has started... more cuts expected

Ambit Capital says

"We are seeing a broad-based real estate pullback, with prices correcting in most tier-1 and tier-2 cities alongside sharp drops in transaction and new launch volumes. The drivers for this slowdown are a mix of supply-side factors (banks have pulled back lending to developers) and demand-side factors (the Black Money Bill has created fear amongst speculators). The result is not just a drop in demand for building materials and challenges for lenders with big mortgage, LAP and housing finance books, but also a generalised slowdown in GDP growth, as the sector which drives 50% of India’s capex and 30% of its jobs conks off. Our four large-cap SELLs on this real estate correction are Ultratech, Asian Paints, ICICI and HUL."

"A broad-based real estate slowdown Whilst the RBI’s Housing Price Index suggests that prices have moderated on a pan-India basis, data from property websites suggests a deeper slowdown in India’s large cities, with prices falling by 7-18% YoY. Alongside this, we are also seeing a significant drop in transaction volumes: our visits to five property registration offices in Mumbai suggest a sharp drop in the registration of new residential properties and data from property valuers in Maharashtra and Tamilnadu suggest that transaction volumes have fallen by 10-15% per annum for three consecutive years now. Also, new launch volumes are down 40-80% on a pan-India level."

Read complete report at http://reports.ambitcapital.com/reports/Ambit_Economy_Thematic_RealEstate_14Jul2015.pdf

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