August 9, 2015

Britannia, Glenmark and IBULL Hsg Fin to enter MSCI index

The MSCI index is widely tracked by Indian stock watchers overseas with several passive funds replicating their portfolios according to the corresponding weightages. These funds will have to buy or sell stocks accordingly.

Stocks are included in, or excluded from, the MSCI index every quarter based on criteria such as average traded value range, minimum liquidity, minimum length of trading, room for overseas investment and freefloat market capitalisation. 

Here are the stock technicals:
BRITTANIA - from 1000 to 3200+ in 13 months. Very difficult to set any swing low support as stock is one way up. Best SL would be 10-20% from entry position or recent highs.

GLENMARK - stock has recently given a breakout above 700 levels on monthly charts. Immediate support is at 900 levels.

IBULL HSG FIN - one of my favourite stocks and we are still long after the recent breakout. In fact, a lot of similar stocks are looking good on charts.

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