August 3, 2015

How stocks have profited since 2003

The year 2003 was the start of the previous bull run. If you were an invest and forget type of investor, this is the return you could have got had you invested in some stocks that time.

For this, I wrote a crude AFL. The code is as follows:

AddColumn(Ref(O,-13),"Open 2003",1.2); 

AddColumn(C,"Close 2015",1.2); 
AddColumn((C-Ref(O,-13))/Ref(O,-13), "ROC",1.2);

The Close 2015 is today's close.

Above exploration should be run on Yearly mode.

And the returns for CNX 100 stocks (as of today) - see ROC column:

And if you remove the filter for CNX 100 stocks, the results are like:

CNX 100 stocks sorted by opening price - see the penny stocks of those times (prices are adjusted for splits and bonuses).

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