December 18, 2015

How The Fed Just Launched The Next Bear Market

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How The Fed Just Launched The Next Bear Market: BofA's Unexpected Conclusion In 8 Charts

"Rising rates and falling profits are not a good combination for asset prices, so we will turn sellers of risk in early 2016."

Dear Janet, Explain This!

Having been unable - or unwilling - to answer various reporters' questions with regard the 'odd' timing of The Fed's rate hike yesterday, we thought we would offer just one more chart to question the credibility of the central planners. Plucked from The Fed's own research, last week saw the largest surge in St.Louis Fed's Financial Stress Index (FSI) since August... and as Yellen proclaimed "all clear" the FSI was screaming "Danger" even louder than it did in September - when The Fed folded.

A Big, Fat "Policy Error" Or Worse? Find Out Tomorrow

Did algos finally figure out precisely what we said first thing this morning, namely that the market completely ignored what was a hawkish hike, and that as a result, what Yellen has done, now that the kneejerk reaction is over, is policy error, pure and simple?

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