January 7, 2016

Sensex Five Year Returns Below 5%, Mutual Funds Did Slightly Better, But Barely Beat Inflation.

What if you had invested in the Sensex, every month, with the same amount, over the last five years? (Called a Systematic Investment Plan or SIP)
Answer: Less than 5% Per Year.
(Add another 2% for dividends, and remove about 1% for costs – either as ETF fees or otherwise – and you still get just 6% to 7% on the Sensex for five years)
5 Year SIP return of the Sensex is below 5%
This is where you friendly advisor will tell you – Look, think 10 years, because five years isn’t long term.
If 10 year returns suck, the long term will become 20 years. Or till you retire. Or till you die. It’s a very good argument.

Active Funds Have Done Better: Mutual Funds Scrape Through

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