March 14, 2016

NIFTY monthly hi/low swing points for option lovers

The above Heatmap shows the Nifty historical monthly high-low swing data points which gives you a broad overview about the nifty monthly swing range. 

Here are some of the visual data points collected from the Nifty high low swing range heatmap.
1) 3 times nifty done a swing more than 1000+ points.
2) Highest Swing occurred during Jan 2008 period. Nifty done a swing of 1908 points. And the Next best comes during OCT 2008 (Lehman Crisis) – swing of1747 points.
3)Interestingly Dec 2012 and Jan 2013 are the ultra low volatile period where the nifty monthly swings 142 and 178 points one of the dullest period in the recent 2009-2015 bull market.
4)During May 2009 (Election Period) Nifty swings 1030.7 points and during May 2015 (Recent Elections) Nifty Swings 925 points.

If you are frequent nifty option trader then the above heatmap provides you lot more meaningful insights to understand the reality of the market.

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