May 28, 2016

AFL: Monthly crossover signals

This AFL will scan a database and generate buy/ sell signals whenever a stock closes above last month's high or below last month's low.

This is a beautiful system and can yield fantastic results if risk management is properly done.

As usual, none of my AFLs have targets so one should hold a trade with a trailing SL (last month's low for long positions).

Note: there is no volume filter so restrict your analysis / scans to the top 100-200 most liquid stocks

Here is the code:

Buy=Cross(C,TimeFrameGetPrice("H",inMonthly,-1)); Sell=Cross(TimeFrameGetPrice("L",inMonthly,-1),C); 

- Run in scanner mode
- ExRem removes multiple signals.
- Refer Amibroker help file for more assistance.

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