July 8, 2017

SEBI bans P notes on derivatives

SEBI bans P-Notes on derivatives | Business Line

11 hours ago - In a major move, market regulator SEBI on Friday banned FPIs from issuing offshore derivative instruments or P-Notes for derivatives as ...

No more naked derivative exposure for P-note holders; Sebi ban takes ...

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5 hours ago - Capital markets regulator the Securities and Exchange Board of India's (Sebi'sban on holders of participatory notes (p-notes), also called ...

SEBI: Sebi to levy fee on P-Notes, bars speculative issuance

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Jun 21, 2017 - However, the regulator is not looking to completely ban these instruments ... MUMBAI: Markets regulator Sebi today tightened P-Note norms by ...

P-Notes: Sebi norms for P-Notes having derivatives as underlying asset

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20 hours ago - The regulator has also clarified on existing ODIs (Offshore Derivative Instruments), also known as participatory notes, where the underlying ...

IMPACT ON MARKETS: bullish above 9700 else weak

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