October 16, 2017

The OODA Loop – what traders can learn from a retired Top Gun instructor

Image result for fighter jet cockpit – the “OODA Loop” - was first developed by fighter pilot John Boyd during the Korean War when US pilots were theoretically outmatched in their hardware but still dominated the skies,

The acronym OODA refers to the elements of the decision Loop - Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act.

I know readers, you aren't going "Mach II  with your hair on fire" - as Charlie said to Maverick in Top Gun. Nor, are we needing to constantly adjust to the intricacies of a dogfight that Boyd or Berke would have experienced in their careers. 

But just in those four words, in the acronym OODA, you can see why Berke told Business Insider "Every single thing you do in your life, every decision you make, is an OODA Loop".

He is dead right. And the OODA Loop will work for trading too.

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