January 12, 2018

Is India's Aadhaar System Really 'Hack-Proof'? No.

Australian information security expert Troy Hunt on Thursday pointed out a bunch of basic security flaws with the Aadhaar website uidai.gov.in. These included a vulnerability to "man-in-the-middle attacks", outdated security certificates, and inadequate encryption of data.

In a blog post titled "Is India's Aadhaar System Really 'Hack-Proof'? Assessing a Publicly Observable Security Posture", Hunt clarified that he wasn't against the idea of Aadhaar, but the UIDAI's"attitude of 'there cannot possibly be a security problem' is reckless and needs redressing".

Read more at https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/oz-expert-tests-aadhaar-site-for-safety-finds-flaws/articleshow/62469430.cms

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