February 2, 2019

My losses & its reasons & the measures taken ( by Keshav)

Reasons : I am in a net loss since this year beginning. Market is range bounded for almost 2 months. Since my trading method requires a prolonged uni directional movement to be profitable i am not able to make any profits and also i am in loss.

In the best of my trading days i have enjoyed profits of upto 40-55% returns in a quarter. Since jan 1 2019 my returns is -3.5%. The draw down has been quiet less because of the risk management measures which i had taken. After making few losses i started to reduce my frequency and also took only 0.2-0.5% risk per trade.

Measures being taken : I do not know how prolonged this range bound scenario will be. It may last for more time than historically observed. Hence i am going to keep my risk per trade to 0.5% and reduce the time frame/ Stop loss points. I usually trade using 5-15 min TF and consider 20 periods highs and lows for decision making. But from now i will use 15 min candle and i consider 5 candles highs and lows for decision making. Will not attempt any pyramiding techniques for a while. Lets see !!

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