June 5, 2019

Where is the bull market?

Just did a scan of all NSE stocks for Year to Date (YTD) performance.

Filter: 20 day average price * volume > Rs. 5 crores per day

No of stocks: 360 out of 1500

YTD < 0% = 160 stocks
YTD 0-20% = 121 stocks
YTD 20-50% = 62 stocks
YTD > 50% = 10 stocks

This means that even as nifty is near all time highs the vast majority of stocks have not moved or still are in the red.

If I exclude the filter, it still means close to 900 stocks from a universe of 1500 are still in the red. Only 4 stocks have doubled this year, total of 28 stocks have given YTD gains of more than 50%.

So where is the bull market?

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