November 11, 2019

Brokers OHLC charts/ data Mismatch and Stoploss / Limit Orders got executed wrongly

Indian Exchanges provides free Level 2 access to its members (Brokers/). Level 2 data contains the Last traded price, Top 5 Bid x Ask levels from the orderbook. The complete depth of the exchange orderbook is not exposed and currently, Level 2 data is restricted only up to 5 levels (depth of the market). Some brokers even provide Level 3 data to their premium clients to identify liquidity pools for their premium customers.

And Level 1 data that most of the data vendors/Websites use primarily gets only LTP, Bid Price, Bid Qty, Ask Price, ASK Qty only for the first level in the orderbook.

Both Level 1 and Level 2 data which is sent in realtime by the Indian Exchanges are not a real tick data instead they send consolidated 1-second data feed for Level 1 (snapshot data) and every broker in the country to receive snapshot Level 2/Level 3 data (consolidated data) which updates 2-4 every second (But not reports all the ticks).

A Tick is generated by the exchange whenever there is a change in LTP price or any order cancellations/order modifications are done in the orderbook it will be reported in the form of Tick data. Which exchange call it as a TBT feed (tick by tick data feed). And every second gigantic amount of ticks are generated every second which is humongous data to transmit over the internet in realtime

Currently, TBT feed is accessible only by the High-frequency trading firms where their servers are colocated to the exchange server to tap and process the data faster to execute their low latency trading strategies.


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