August 23, 2020

NIFTY future profits when Open = High or Open = Low

I did a study of nifty futures data and analysed what happens if one takes a trade whenever nifty future  open equals the low or high.

Idea is to take a trade within 5 minutes and close at end of the day.

Data analysed is from 2-AUG-2018 to date and has 501 trading days.

There were total 32 trading days where nifty future had open=high or open=low. 

Total points gained were a stupendous 2400 points. 

Of course, all this is in the past and profits in future will obviously not be the same.

But as a strategy it makes sense to trade these days blindly with an SL...risk reward is likely to be awesome.

In fact, one can do this analysis for all FnO stocks and get even more opportunities.

Open = High 18 trades 1515 points profit

Open = Low 14 trades 880 points profit

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