December 3, 2020

Bill Ackman - Massive pent up demand - 2021 will be 'very, very good year'

Bill Ackman estimated that consumers are sitting on a colossal sum of up to $US3 trillion of savings.

People aren’t eating out, they’re not going on vacation, they’re not driving“, he pointed out.

It is elementary that when the restrictions are eased, consumers will go on a rampage and spending binge.

When you keep someone locked down, their next move when they can actually feel safe is going to be to go on a vacation, to go drinking, to go to dinner, to go to a show,” he stated.

It’s probably the single greatest time in history to open a restaurant,” he added.

It is obvious that the forthcoming quarterly results of companies as well as the GDP growth of Countries will be very strong due to the surge in spending by consumers. 


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