March 3, 2021

General update on markets

- past few weeks, I have been very erratic in posting market outlook charts
- reasons range from general boredom, no interaction/ responses from site visitors etc
- my methods/ indicators are anyway well known so more inputs from me may not help

- importantly, many people have just missed this rally
- when you miss a rally and wait for a correction which never comes,
- then the rally becomes the most hated rally

- we may be witnessing something similar this time.
- note that index has doubled from its recent lows in less than a year
- it this is not a bull run, then I don't know what can be called one

- note AD ratio past few weeks
- very bullish even on flat days
- huge number of stocks making 52week highs or at all time highs

- note corrections are normal and healthy in any market
- a 20% correction will mean a correction to 12000 levels
- if this happens, just buy

- swing low on chart 13600-14600

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