October 7, 2017

GST: Diwali has arrived early for the people

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Khakra ... a Gujarat speciality...
GST has come down from 12% to 5%
This change does not affect 90% of Khakra
 makers as they are small scale and are not
registered under GST.
Standard trick adopted by all politicians and businessmen of every colour all over the world:

Start with high rates and then reduce it. And then take credit for it. Has happened in India from 30-40 years.

Human memory is anyway short so people will remember you for reducing the rate and forget that you started with a high rate in the first place.

This happens in shopping malls also...

Read more at https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/diwali-has-arrived-early-for-the-people-pm-modi-on-gst-relief/articleshow/60982091.cms

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