October 5, 2017

PM Narendra Modi promises steps to reverse GDP slowdown

Lashing out at the critics of his economic policies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said Indian economy was on firm footing and that he will never jeopardise the country’s future for the present gains.

In an over hour long speech, punctuated with sharp comments and comparisons with track record of previous UPA regime, Modi told a gathering of Company Secretaries that his government will continue the reforms and will not hesitate to take decision to reverse the GDP slowdown witnessed in last two quarters. “I will not jeopardise the future of the country for my present gains,” he said, adding the government would focus on structural reforms rather than giving doles to win praises.

Modi said his critics were seeing slowdown in the last two quarters but were ignoring that the BJP government had brought down inflation from 10 per cent in the UPA regime to 2.5 per cent, shrunk Current Account Deficit to near 1 per cent from 4 per cent and brought down fiscal deficit to 3.5 per cent from 4.5 per cent.

Read more at http://www.financialexpress.com/economy/pm-narendra-modi-promises-steps-to-reverse-gdp-slowdown-lashes-at-critics/882723/

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