February 22, 2018

Capital Markets and the Path to Nirvana - excellent read

The sentiments many readers associate with the term “capital markets” are greed, fear,
loathing, envy, jealousy, chicanery etc. But these are actually a reflection of our
collective biases stemming from certain headline events that remain vividly etched in our
memory. However, if we step back and view the capital market as a metaphor for life
itself, our approach to it may be completely different.

Based on my own journey of the last two decades, I can vouch for the fact that the capital
market is the best place to test oneself and prepare for the very purpose of life – “selfrealization
and discovering the infinite within”.

Let me explain how:

We have all heard the adage that ‘Life is a Stage’. Indian scriptures speak of us being sent
into the world to be schooled by life and learn its lessons. Each one of us is born with
differing “fortunes” and circumstances – depending upon our progress on our spiritual
path in our previous “life classes”. Our past progress determines what path we start to
tread in our current lifetime. Our choices and responses in this lifetime determine whether
we advance further or fall prey to life’s temptations and regress in our ongoing quest.

Read more at http://www.flame.edu.in/pdfs/fil/reports/Capital-Markets-and-the-Path-to-Nirvana.pdf

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