February 21, 2018

Why should you stop paying taxes

Amount looted... Nirav Modi Rs.11,000 crores, Rotomac (V Kothari) Rs.3,000 crores, Winsome Diamonds Rs.6,000 crores. And many many more in the past.

All related (distantly) to big business families of India. So one can safely assume nothing will happen.

Wonder if these people had Aadhaar cards. Why ordinary people are being bombarded with messages to link everything with Aadhaar ... all in name of preventing black money.

But if I default on a car loan or housing loan, I and my family will be harassed non stop and the assets will be seized.

These rules don't apply to big people... otherwise these defaults or scams would not have happened.

So why should I pay taxes? My taxes are for the betterment of society... not to benefit the defaulters or help the govt recapitalise loss making banks. Every such scam means my money is lost forever.

NOTE: this post is not a reflection of the political party in power. It is more a frustration of govt harassing ordinary citizens while ignoring or allowing the big fish to escape.

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