May 30, 2019

Is Zoomcar an adequate replacement for car ownership?

........ When I first took the car, the associate happily informed me that the car was pristine. The app agreed. My eyes did not. The many blemishes were plainly visible, so I dutifully recorded them using the app. The app kept dissuading me with warnings that I would be penalised for using this feature if my interpretation of the blemishes differed from that of the invisible eye in the cloud, an ominous warning for the ugliness that was to follow.

I returned the car at the appointed hour and went to bed. When I woke up, I had an email from Zoomcar. Apparently they had issued me a refund and now I owed them ₹8000 more. This made no sense in my groggy state and continued failing to make sense as my brain resumed functioning. Exactly what sort of refund is it where in the pretext of putting money in your pocket someone takes out money instead? The word for it is theft. This seemed so obviously an error, I reported it to Vinayak immediately.

Could this be related to the scratch I reported? I checked the app and sure enough the booking now had two line items for “Vehicle Damage Fee” of ₹4000 each, with no further explanation.


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