May 28, 2019

Modi 2.0 could propel Sensex to 60,000 in 5 years, says BSE CEO Ashish Chauhan

After the Sensex created history to hit 40,000 following Narendra Modi-led BJP’s thumping victory in Lok Sabha elections, BSE CEO Ashish Chauhan noted that the 30-share index has given stellar returns in the last 40 years. “The Sensex has grown from just 100 to above 40,000 in a matter of 40 years, representing a return of 400 times, ” Ashish Chauhan told in an interview to ET Now. Last week on Thursday, the Sensex spurted more than 1,000 points to hit an all-time high of 40,124.96. However, later, the Sensex shed more than 1,313 points from the day’s high on Thursday, registering its biggest intra-day fall in over 11 years, to end in the red.

Noting the Sensex’s stellar rise in the last 4 decades, Ashish Chauhan said that if the dividend yield is also considered since the inception, the Sensex ‘s value stands at 60,000 today. “Investors could have made 570-600 times returns since 1979 if they had remained invested,” observed Chauhan. Trading does not get returns, but investment in an asset called India will reap returns, said Chauhan. So, where does he see the Sensex at the end of Modi 2.0?


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