February 29, 2016

This is really funny


We identified the 1st Corrective as a Diamond-Shaped Diametric. The 1st x-wave was found to be a 9-legged Symmetrical formation, which retraced the 1st Corrective exactly by 61.8%.

The 2nd Corrective was identified as a Bow-Tie-Shaped Diametric, which ended exactly at the lower end of the Yellow channel and “political 0-point” (the low of 16th May’2014 when the new Govt was elected).

The 2nd x-wave was identified as an Extracting Triangle, but its size remained miniscule as compared to the size of 2ndCorrective, in terms of price as well as time.

By NEoWave, x-wave can be so miniscule. Indeed, NEoWave even talks about “missing-x” wherein you can’t actually see the “x-wave”, but assume its existence in context of the structure around it.


Source: http://content.icicidirect.com/ULFiles/UploadFile_2016229102421.asp

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