February 20, 2016

Why 75% drop in global oil prices isn't reaching you

Record production in the United States, weakened demand from the Eurozone and emerging economies like China and Brazil, and Iran’s entry into the international market have effectively slashed the price of crude oil for India, from $106 per barrel in July 2014 to $26 in January 2016 - a 75 per cent drop over 15 months.

So, why are you not seeing evidence of this price-cut at your local petrol and diesel station?

The answer: As global crude prices reach a 11-year low, the Centre and state governments steadily increase excise duties and value-added tax, shoring up their revenues and keeping fuel prices high for retail consumers.

Although India imports more than 80% of its fuel requirement, which means declining global prices should, theoretically, have seen sharp declines in retail petrol and diesel prices, Indian consumers of petrol and diesel now pay about double the global rate.

Read more at http://www.rediff.com/business/report/special-why-75-drop-in-global-oil-prices-isnt-reaching-you/20160207.htm

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