April 21, 2016

A Dose of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

These RJ’s views & responses to questions posed should interest you :

On The Future of Equity Markets ~ Reiterates this is only the Trailer & we are going to witness a Mother of all Bull Runs.India is a thriving young Democracy with US $ 600 b in Savings every year.Equity Markets receive just US $ 50 b from this.This has to improve and it will ~ anyone ,any  doubt!?   

On Returns from Equity  ~ Ironically while his riches have been through multibagger 1000% + equity gains in concentrated high weightage stocks like Titan & Crisil he asserts that one should be happy with 18% CAGR gains and if it goes to 24% one should be really happy

On Concentration of his Wealth ~ all his wealth ,he’s a Billionaire in US $, comes from the Value of his Direct Equity Investments & he’s been lucky with them~ Titan has a huge weightage ~ he revealed he hardly has Rs 50000 in Fixed Deposits and some in PPF &  of course some in Real Estate

On favourite Sector & Stock ~ Real Estate & DLF ~ sector will recover strong in the coming 4 years & DLF has a market cap of under Rs 5000 crs~ Residential Property he picked up at 2000/sq ft in Mumbai is now Rs 50000/sq ft & if GDP is growing and India is evolving as a democracy then it’s a matter of time again for real estate to grow again

Other Sectors he favours ~ IT & Pharma ~ IT is a great Value add with US $ 80 b from the US $ 120 b exports coming into the country while Oil & Gas Exports of US $ 100 b contributes just US $ 10 b of value add

A huge case for Defense Sector ~ is betting that in the next 10 years India will become a net exporter of Arms

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