April 2, 2016

Why Is Subrata Roy Not Eager To Get Out Of Jail? The Sahara Case Gets Curiouser

Roy’s case is curious for several reasons and raises many questions:

Why is Roy not paying up despite having the assets worth Rs 1.8 lakh Crore?

Why is Roy not eager at all to get out of jail?

Why is the Supreme Court itself not doing the obvious: that is, put the group under a receiver/administrator, who can then inventory the properties, sell the ones which are unencumbered, collect the dues, and then let Roy go free?

Given that prima facie Roy has defied the court (that’s why he is in jail), why has the court not convicted him for contempt?

Why is there complete radio silence in political circles in Roy’s case? Why has no politician condemned Roy when they are willing to chase Mallya to the end of the earth? Is it because Roy knows too much about them?

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