April 11, 2016

Market update + my trades

Daily charts
- trend is down on daily charts
- close above 7800 will be bullish
- option writing resistance 8000
- today markets up 1.6%, AD positive, VIX down 2%

Hourly charts
- trend is up on hourly charts
- support 7540 F

5 min charts
- breakout from range was bullish
- cover at close

My trades
- I had a neutral view this week
- sold 7400 put and 7700 call at Rs.39 each
- post the breakout, booked loss in 7700 call (Rs.35,000/-)
- loss was high as trailing SL did not get hit and realised this much later.
- net loss on position Rs.15,000/-
- this loss will be recovered if I hold 7400 put (short) till expiry.

- may not be trading this week.

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