October 11, 2016

Neowave outlook of market

Could not understand anything...

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  1. You're a science guy and I wonder why you publish all these astrology reports! Of course there are some readers and traders who use EW and other types of pseudo science and it drives some traffic to your site but we know it doesn't work.

    These guys will pee in their pants if they see the level 2 or deeper order screen.

    1. People like to know what will happen tomorrow. It is stupid to assume someone knows the future but this is a huge market. For me, it means catering to all kinds of audiences even while knowing it is silly to believe the forecasters.

      If I stop posting this kind of stuff, I get emails in 24 hours asking me to "do the needful".

  2. Very true. Nothing wrong in posting.

  3. KPL, yes, point taken. Thanks!


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