October 26, 2016

Rise of the machines: UBER's driverless truck travels 120 miles in 2 hours

A self-driving truck has made its first commercial delivery run in the US, carrying a vital cargo to a depot in the Rockies: thousands of cases of beer.

The automated semi took to the open road as part of a partnership between the brewers of Budweiser and ride-hailing firm Uber.

It made the 120-mile (190 km) journey from Fort Collins to a depot in Colorado Springs, without a driver behind the wheel - a first for commercial cargo delivery and driverless technology.

The big rig, equipped with an array of camera, radar and LIDAR sensing technology, then proceeded to drive itself along I-25 between Fort Collins and Colorado Springs at an average speed of 55 mph, using GPS and hyper-accurate digital maps created on a scouting run to guide the way.

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  1. Whats Next - Arming it with the Laser guided AK47 or missile for not allowing Thieves to ROB vital Cargo ....------ Need of the hour is to check Automation - Life Balance for making life easier to do many more things or being DESTRUCTIVE to real essence of life's existence making it just for the few privileged - if delved then in not time AI(Artificial Intelligence - ROBOT's ) - will be more destructive and fast learning for the fabric of LIFE.


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