December 13, 2016

Back from a short break.

Where? Nagpur and then to Pench National Park (trek / nature trail)

Trip was planned few weeks ago and I got excellent deals on the flight tickets.

The highlight (rather objective) was a big nature trail walk in Pench National Park... this is on the border of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

I am the guy in the blue shirt holding the SLR.

Here are some more pictures... note taking pictures is difficult as everything looks the same. Also, pictures do not do justice... the real fun is in the experience/ walk.

We were lucky to see a python... what you are seeing is only the half.

Pench lake... apparently this is a rather shallow lake but mysteriously it never gets empty.

And this is my MTM for my positional short position on the day of the trek. There was no signal where I went and this screen shot was taken after coming back to Nagpur.

My positional short in 8400 calls taken on 9-NOV is still open!!!

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