December 25, 2016

Cashless to become "less cash" ?

This is is based on my understanding of how words are being used or will be changed in light of changing circumstances.

Recall that when demonetisation was launched, the significant keywords  were terrorism, black money and corruption. This was supposed to solve all problems and evils in India.

But we know that all cash is not black and all black money is not cash.

So in past 2 weeks, these were replaced by cashless or go digital. Everyday, any TV channel or newspaper you read, it was always cashless, cashless and cashless.

Now going cashless is not easy... where the vast majority of Indians have not been to a bank or used a smart phone, it is silly to assume they will start using debit cards, credit cards or download apps and be cashless overnight.

So expect politicians to start saying/ replace "cashless" with "less cash".

This will be a very important shift in the days going forward. The aam admi or mango people will not realise this shift. 

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