September 21, 2017

BJP protest against petrol price hike: year 2011

Led by Delhi BJP president Vijender Gupta, the protesters, who included eight MLAs, raised slogans against the ``anti-people’’ policies of the Congress-led Government at the Centre.

``Nowhere in the world is the tax on oil so high as it is in India,’’ he said, adding that ``here the Government recovers more tax than the price of oil’’. Mr. Gupta said if the UPA Government were to only abolish the customs duty from the price of oil and the Delhi Government reduces the local tax, the price of oil could in fact go down. ``But all the policies and schemes of this anti-people Government are against the common man and in favour of the corporate world,’’ he said.<<<

What an irony.

Today BJP is guilty of the same crime which it protested vehemently in 2011.

And no one is protesting.

Strange how being in the ruling party changes your mindset.


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