September 18, 2017

Neowave outlook of market

...Accordingly, we had argued last week that the upward “g” leg can be anything, either “Normal” or “Failure”.

A Normal “g” leg would cross the top of “f” leg, i.e. Aug’17 high and hit a new high. It can even achieve a magnitude similar to the “a” leg, which can project an upside of about 35200 (Nifty 11000).

A Failure “g” leg, on the other hand, would not cross Aug’17 high. As of last week, Sensex/Nifty both could not cross the Aug’17 highs. Soon, it would be clear if “g” leg turns out to be Normal or Failure.

VP’s 2-year Cycle of Tops we showed since Aug’17, will still be operative, but only after upward “g”, or the last leg of the pattern, is finally over.


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