March 27, 2018

Are human beings good at judging people? #ScottAdamsSays

We all like to think of ourselves as clever while unable to hold similar views of other people.

Sample these comments by a journalist in the NY Times:

Add to his sense of panic his compounding emotional and psychological liabilities: He has an inflated view of his own skills, talents and expertise. He knows only a fraction of what he has convinced himself that he knows.
He prefers casual conversation to literary examination, opting to listen rather than to read, which is both a sign of a severely compromised and restrained intellect and an astounding arrogance about one’s information absorption.

The person being referenced here is none other than the US President Donald Trump.

How the hell can anyone arrive at these conclusions about someone else is something which beats me. This is a classic case of hallucinating or having a bias against someone and then creating content to support those views.

I am not perfect, you are not perfect (we all have our flaws and biases) and out of these imperfections we see the others and the world. Given this, it is difficult for anyone to form a correct view (there is nothing called a correct view actually).

But we still form our own opinions which we hold to be correct while being dismissive about other people who also form their own opinions.

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